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Post by InfectiveZone on February 25th 2011, 3:37 am

You can get iCoins by donating or offering me something. If you are donating, it will be in USD. After you donated, you MUST report your donation before I or one of the staff members send you anything because there has been some issues with donation and such happening through the website, until then you must tell me about it so I can confirm your donation. If you are offering me something, you must give me the info and I get certified about this. For example, you have an Ijji G coin card (which I will accept); I would double the coins you get in my server. If you have any questions about other things, I would be glad to help you guys with your needs. There will be sometimes “Give-away Items,” which means that I will be giving a specific item away for a limited time only.

Here are some of the VIP items that will be here for Gunz:

    1. Energy Sword
    2. Bankai
    3. Two Across Keyblade
    4. RedQueen
    5. BlazeEdge
    6. Moonlight Dream

    1. Plasma Rifle
    2. Plasma Rifle x2

    1. BlazeEdge Gun
    2. BlaseEdge Gun x2

    1. Silenced SMG
    2. Silenced SMG x2

    1. Gnasher
    2. Hello Kitty SG

    1. M82GISA
    2. Needle Rifle
    3. Assault Rifle
    4. Hello Kitty Rifle

    1.Sniper Rifle
    2. Torque Bow
    3. Hello Kitty Sniper

    1. Celestial Beat
    2. Victory Ring
    3. Acceptance Ring
    4. Armor Ring
    5. Honorable Ring
    6. Demonic Power

Health Pack(s)
    1. Reach Medicine
    2. L4D HP Kit
    3. L4D AP Kit
    4. Health-X
    5. Armor-X

    1. Landmine
    2. Ammo-X

Male/Female Sets
    1. Donation Set Jacket
    2. Donation Set Trousers
    3. Donation Set Gloves
    4. Donation Set Boots
    5. Donation Set Hat

*Note: Donation Set will be renamed and fixed within some updates (clothing - color and interface).

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Donation Information Empty Re: Donation Information

Post by Unity on August 28th 2011, 10:11 pm


Donation Information Unityps

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