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The Red Camellia's Here!

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The Red Camellia's Here! Empty The Red Camellia's Here!

Post by Akatsubaki on June 14th 2012, 2:53 am

Hello people :D!! I'm bad at introducing myself so here it goes.

Hello. How have you people been doing? Fine? I Hope so. You can call me Aka or Camellia(Meaning of "Tsubaki") I was invited here by Syx or Sxy (EITHER WAY!! CAUSE I FORGOT!! >_<) :D!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! <3!! Hahaha. Well i'm just so friendly that even haters are gonna hate me more. I like music alot.. I'm into anything that sounds great to me even though people say "That's a wierd song!!". Well i don't care! Anyway i'm trying to keep my secret from my girlfriend that i'm secretly playing this server when it's up! Reason: She's just way to pro for my standard ):! And also Nice to meet you people again ^_^!! Be friendly!

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